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The Acidic Ligand P-toluene sulphonic acid (PTSA) Synthesize Adipic Acid

Adipic Acid is widely used in synthesizing fibers and resins, polyurethane, plasticizers and advanced lubricants. It is also multi-purpose food additives, acting as buffer, acidity regulator, leavening, flavoring agent and so on. The current production method of Adipic acid is taking Cyclohexanone and Cyclohexanol as raw materials and use nitric acid oxidation method. But in the process, the side outcomes will bring serious pollution to the environment. This the method taking P-toluene sulphonic acid (PTSA http://ru.p-toluenesulfonicacid-ptbba.com/P-Toluenesulfonic-Acid.htm)
as acidic ligand to synthesize Adipic acid was found.
Effects of the quantity of p-toluene sulphonic acid (PTSA) on the yield of adipic acid
The catalyst Sodium Tungstate is weak alkal. Hence, the reaction should be carried out under acidic condition. In addition, Tungstes atom of the catalyst could form complexes with N, S and other atoms of the ligand molecule. And the activity of the catalyst would be changed. P-toluene sulphonic acid (PTSA) have two functions: to be strongly acidic and provide coordinating atoms. When the molar ratio of various materials n(Cyclohexanone): n(H2O2):n(Sodium Tungstate) ≈1:3.95:0.015 and keeping reacting 6 h, the effects of quantity of p-toluene sulphonic acid on the yield of adipic acid could be found in below table.

p-toluene sulphonic acid/mmol












Table 1 Effects of the quantity of p-toluene sulphonic acid on the yield of adipic acid 

From the table 1, it is found that the yield increased with the quantity of P-toluene sulphonic acid (PTSA) increase. However, large quantity of P-toluene sulphonic acid (PTSA) will make H2O2 accelerate to break down. The side reaction will lead the yield to decline. Thus, the suitable quantity of PTSA is 2.5mmol.
Conclusion: Taking Cyclohexanone and 30% H2O2 as reactants, Sodium Tungstate to be catalyst, P-toluene sulphonic acid monohydrate http://ru.p-toluenesulfonicacid-ptbba.com/Products.htm
(PTSA) as ligand to synthesize Adipic acid. If n(Cyclohexanone): n(H2O2):n(Sodium Tungstate):n(P-toluene sulphonic acid)= 1:4.45:0.02:0.025, the yield will up to be 71.2% after 6h reflux reaction. The reaction time is short and synthesis process is sample, but the yield is high with excellent reusability.