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The strengths and weaknesses of p-toluenesulfonic acid synthesis methods

Method of production of p-toluene sulphonic acid is mainly used sulfonic, sulfonation agent used sulfonic acid , fuming sulfuric acid, chlorine and sulfur trioxide and so on. Its industrial production have their pros and cons.
Chlorosulfonic acid sulfonation by simple operation, hydrochloric acid by-product hydrogen chloride-water absorption, chlorosulfonic acid, however chlorosulfonic acid is high prices and costs that lack of competitiveness in the market.
with 4-toluene sulphonic acid of ammonia solution product purity is high, but due to the production process and the apparent lack of market competitiveness for t purity, but due to the production process and the apparent lack of market competitiveness, apply high quality, small volume production.
By contrast, because of the low price of sulfuric acid with a certain degree of market competitiveness, and production process is simple, low investment on equipment, easy operate and so on, sulfuric acid sulfonation method apply to small-scale production plant. But this process of low response rates, low purity of the product,the reaction with the formation of water, sulfuric acid concentration decreased, when 95% is reached (PI value of 75%), the reaction stops, produce a lot of waste acid, serious pollution to the environment.
Sulfur trioxide as the sulfonating agent has many advantages, reactive security, faster, less waste, higher yields, less byproduct, high product purity. But the complex production processes, a one-time investment in equipment, response equipment complex, processing requirements, sulphur trioxide transport difficulties, this method more applicable to the sulfuric acid production enterprises.
After comparison and analysis shows that the former several sulfonating agent contains water, poor oxidative capacity, and the reaction products represents the ortho than the lower, easily separated from Bauze bad smell,, corrosive,especially the production process to emit large amounts of waste acid, and therefore only suitable for small-scale devices. In contrast, the sulfur trichloride these shortcomings, is a powerful sulfonating agent.