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Synthesis of P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid (I)

Abstract: P-tert-butyl toluene PTBT as the raw material, Oxygen as the oxidant, Glacial Acetate acid as the solvent, and Cobalt acetate as the catalyst. Studying the factors influencing P-tert-butyl benzoic acid (PTBBA) synthesis and fixing the best conditions for this process occurred on: the temperature is 90-95℃,the ratio between raw material and solvent is 1:4(m:m), the concentrate of catalyst is w=0.1-0.2, P-tert-butyl toluene(PTBT)’s conversion rate could up to 100% and the yield is 87%.
Key wards: P-tert-butyl toluene(PTBT) P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid(PTBBA) Oxidization Synthesize
P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid(PTBBA) is colorless needle crystal or crystalline powder, derivative of benzoic acid, and a important organic synthesis intermediate. Its main purposes are: (1) Used as modifier for alkyd resin production; (2) Used as additives for cutting oils and lubricants; (3) Used as nucleating agent of polypropylene; (4) Its barium, sodium, zinc salts could be used as stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride; (5) Used as food additives; (6) Used as regulator for polyester polymerization reaction and so on.
In 1930s, this product in laboratory research begun. Currently, there are product launching in America, Japan, Germany and other countries markets. However, our domestic production was not well developed, making home consumption of this product, especially the polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene industry, rely on import. Therefore, study and development on P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid(PTBBA) has broad prospects.