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Studies on Synthesizing P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid(IV)

In the series reports of studies on synthesizing P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid (PTBBA), the methods, such as Microwave Radiation Method, Potassium Permanganate Oxidation Method, Nitric acid oxidation method, Acetate solvent catalytic oxidation method and the Solvent-free liquid phase oxidation method, have been introduced in details. Besides, there some other methods, like high-temperature gas-phase oxidation method. While being catalyzed, p-tert-butyl toluene is gasified and oxidized by the high temperature and yield Para-tert-butyl Benzoic acid (PTBBA). The electronic oxidization method is also workable in P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid’s preparation.
Application and Development Prospects of P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid (PTBBA): Sunscreens is the core of sunscreen cosmetics formulations. In 1928, USA released the first report on sunscreens all over the world. Till now, there are already forty kinds of sunscreens being developed. According to the function, they are divided into UV absorbers and Ultraviolet bulk toners. In 1997, Pursol 1789 was approved by USA FDI as safe and effective sunscreen. It is the most effective one among the rare kinds of UVA type absorbers. The structure is below:

With the wide use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in industry, agriculture, health care, daily necessities and other fields, the PVA heat stabilizer P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid (PTBBA)’s consumption is rising year by year. At present, many domestic PVC stabilizer producers are using P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid, mainly the liquid type. Korea, Japan, Mexico, Europe, America, India, Netherlands and other countries’ firms are also using it with large quantity. In addition, the market demand as lubricants adhesives and dye auxiliaries is also getting larger. Currently, America, Japan, Germany and other countries have developed P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid (PTBBA) production technique and have products available for the market. In the international market, only the France and Japan’s output has reached 18000 tons. However, our country’s export was only 300 ton last year. It is obvious that this product not only has large share for export, but the domestic demand is large. From the domestic and international market demand, the P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid (PTBBA) still has a huge shortfall in supply. So far, the P-tert-butyl Benzoic acid process synthetic route is not perfect , efficient , energy-saving , environmentally - friendly production process still has a practical application of the value .