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Sulfonic Acid Mother Liquor Introduction

Sulfonic Acid mother liquor properties: It is a strong solubility and acidity radical. Sulfonic acid is compound of some soluble strong acids. For example, Naphthalene is soluble in ether and insoluble in water. Butβ-naphthalenesulfonic acid could be dissolved in water and not in ether. Sulfonic acid ridical could be taken place by hydroxyl and cyano in aromatic sulfonic acid molecular and is intermediate of Phenols and Nitriles. Sulfonic Acid could be generated through sulfonation of aromatic hydrocarbons or oxidation of mercaptan. Methanesulfonic acid is the catalyst of esterification, hydrolysis and alkylation. Much sulfonic acid radical in some dye molecular makes color compounds soluble. Sodium dodecyl benxene sulfonate will work as detergent. Chloride Sulfone generated by Sulfonic acid is used widely in organic synthesis. Palm H of the Sulfonic acid molecular may be substituted by halogen atom or amino group and others. Sulfonic acid mother liquor is applied furan resin sand under different temperature, different humidity conditions. The hardness of core of Phenolic resin sand molding is not only hardened high speed and strength, but also can regulate the hardening speed. Sand(core) with good collapsibility will meet the molding’s requirement of different service time, different mold strength, final strength.
Appearance: Brownish yellow or brown transparent liquid.
Standard: HG/T2345-92
Main changing points:
Types: according to sand temperature, divided into 8 types: GH01-GH08
The Sulfonic acid mother liquor is made of Toluene, Xylene, Sulfuric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, etc.
The Sulforic acid’s content and the test method in the curing agent.
Application: Sulfonic acid mother liquor has been widely used in the organic chemical industry; acrylic esters , textile auxiliaries , photographic film , stabilizers of polymerization reaction and catalysts of organic synthesis ( esters) ; curing agent in resin , paint , plywood , casting , paint and other industries with fast curing speed and unchangeable film color; an important raw material in synthetic ethoxyquin and also widely used in synthetic pesticides industry.